We have noticed an increase in dog mess in the Ferry, particularly around the Castle area, Grassy Beach and in the centre of Broughty Ferry.  You may have also noticed that not only are the Dog bins often over flowing but regular bins are also at capacity which has meant in some places piles of mainly takeaway cups are appearing alongside bins but they are also being blown around the beach and parks.  As our leisure time is limited to outdoor exercise there has been an increase in those enjoying our outdoor spaces wether it be walking pets or enjoying a hot drink.  We would like to appeal to everyone that if bins are full can they please take their litter and/or dog mess home with them so that we can all enjoy a clean and safe environment when we are out walking and exercising in the fantastic scenery we are so lucky to have.  

We have raised our concerns with Dundee City Council with regard to the increase in dog mess on our pavements and parks, however due to budgetary pressures it is not possible for them to introduce additional bins.  We appeal to those few dog owners who are not cleaning up after their dogs to please consider others.  The Council have reminded us that their community campaign “Take Pride in your City” actively encourages dog owners to act responsibly.  

To keep upto date with the campaign & to download the guide, click on the link below

http://Take Pride in your City Guide (2MB PDF)