The document below shows how we came to our views on the Planning Application 20/00534/FULL, our planning secretary has spent a lot of time researching and talking to the relevant parties as well as taking into consideration the concerns we received from esplanade residents and locals alike. The sequence of events which includes our responses to Craig Swankie the Dundee City Council planning officer responsible for the application are comprehensive and carefully thought out. Our view is summarised here but please read the full document for all the details and if you look under recent posts or our Planning Matters section you will find the latest report submitted by our planning secretary.

Broughty Ferry Community Council, having carefully considered its options regarding this application and, having regard to the substantial secured investment involved, provides its preliminary view that it supports the application subject to the following conditions:

1. That the proposal to remove 90 on-street parking spaces be deleted from the application.

2. That the plans for the segregated foot/cycle way on the south east of the Esplanade carriageway from a point to the north east of the Glass Pavilion south west to Panmure Street be redrawn to include on-street parking on both sides of the carriageway between these two points using innovative means to maintain the two way traffic flow currently enjoyed.

3. That the plans for the development of the area around Windmill Gardens be reconsidered to include the retention of a controlled vehicular traffic flow around the Gardens and the necessary segregation and movement priority of pedestrian and cycle traffic.