We have been contacted by Gwen Fenton, the Donor Recruitment and Publicity Officer for Dundee Blood Donor Centre.  Gwen has asked us to let you know that the centre has moved from Ninewells Hospital to the Marryat Hall in Dundee City Centre.

Dundee needs 300 donors every week and giving blood is classed as essential travel so if you are eligible to give blood then please donate.  The Donor Centre has made it really easy to book your appointment on line – just use the link below


Donating Convalescent Plasma

If you have recovered from Covid-19, your plasma may contain antibodies which can be used to help others, for more information on this and how to donate, please visit

https://www.scotblood.co.uk/news/find-out-more-about-convalescent-plasma-donation/ https://www.scotblood.co.uk/news/whats-it-like-to-give-convalescent-plasma/